About Us

We love riding motorcycles.
We love creativity.
We love Freedom.

We believe that free spirits can never be caged. They will always find a way to escape to the life outside our daily confinements. Riding gives you the key to open that gate — once you have savoured it, there is no way back.

We are passionate about motorcycles, how they look, how they smell, how they feel. We are driven by the high — when you ride, you feel alive. Your mind races and sets you free. It focuses you; it is a release, a rare form of medicine in this crazy world. There is nothing like it. Once you let a motorcycle into your life, it will change you forever.

Art also gives you freedom, it is your soul’s voice; when you are creating art, nothing else exists — it is pure connection, concentration; just you and your creation.

Welcome to the Art of Riding.

Welcome to Flyin Wig, a concept that merges the world of art and motorcycles, creating products for those who are passionate about freedom in its purest form.

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